Hotell Nordens Ark


Serving of food and drink
  • Table in the restaurant
  • Seated in the restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • The height of the free space under the table is 65cm
  • The height of the table top is 75,5cm from the floor
  • The free legroom under the table is 90cm deep
  • The free legroom under the table is 180cm wide
  • The seating height of the seat is 45cm
  • There is backrest available on the seat
  • Armrest is not available on the seat
  • Dishes that can be put together according to the guest’s wishes in cases of allergy are available
  • Possibility to pre-order custom made food is available
  • Available types of food: gluten free, lactose free, fat free, whitout pork, vegetarian
  • The food is handled with different structure of raw materials, with separate heating of raw materials
  • The walking area is 100cm wide
  • Menu
  • The character size on the menu is 50mm
  • The text has a brightness contrast of 0,85NCS against background
  • The menu has simple font
  • Access to list of contents is not available
Mobile bell
  • Bell to call for staff
  • The lightness contrast of the bell is 0,75NCS against the background
Manned check-out
  • Cash register in the cafeteria
  • Cash register in the cafeteria
  • The passage by the check-out is 180cm wide
  • The check-out price is placed 110cm from the ground
  • The lightness contrast of price registered is 0,85NCS
  • Character size of registered price is 2mm
  • The height of the check-out is 90cm from the ground
Card reader fixed in place
  • Reader
  • The distance from the floor to the uppermost button or the card reader’s highest point is 87cm
  • There is available a tactile point on the five on the keypad
  • The brightness contrast of the keypad is 085NCS
  • Symbol of personal service
  • Personal service is available on request
Height of serving counters and tables
  • Buffet in restaurant
  • Self-Disk in the cafeteria
  • The buffet table is 90cm high
  • The height of the self service counter is 82cm