Örebro Slott

Meeting room (Stora Matsalen)

  • Passageöppningen fria bredd
  • The free width of the door opening is 95cm
  • The door frame has a lightness contrast of 0NCS against the surrounding wall
  • Tröskel vid passage
  • The height of the threshold is 3cm
  • The height difference to the bevelling is 1cm
Indoor environment
  • Belysningen i mötesrummet
  • The sound environment is noise free
  • The sound has a short lingering note
  • The lighting is non-blinding
  • The lighting is even
  • Cleaning products are not perfumed
  • The room is cleaned 4 per week
  • Wall-to-wall textile carpet are not available
  • The evacuation alarm is audible
  • Guide dog, Service dog, Signal dog is/are allowed in the space
Walking area
  • Gångytan i mötesrum
  • Utrymmet att vända eller backa in på
  • A walking area is non-slippery , hardened, even
  • The walking area is 140cm wide
  • Space where it is possible to turn around is available
  • A walking area is hardened, even, non-slippery
  • The walking area is 275cm wide
  • Some parts have a limited walking area that is 63cm wide
  • Doors that may be opened up into the walking area are on the left side as seen from the front, right side as seen from the front of the passage
Loose object in walking area
  • Lösa föremål som förekommer i gångytan
  • Loose object in pathway is available
  • Sittplats som finns i mötesrummet
  • The seating height of the seat is 42cm
  • There is backrest available on the seat
  • Armrest is not available on the seat
  • Bord som finns i mötesrummet
  • The height of the free space under the table is 71cm
  • The height of the table top is 76cm from the floor
  • The free legroom under the table is 136cm deep
  • The free legroom under the table is 136cm wide
  • Hearing aid equipment is not available in the room or area
  • Regular controls of the functionality of the hearing equipment are not available
  • Staff with knowledge of how to use the hearing equipment is not available