Tallberga köpcentrum

Shop room

Indoor environment
  • The sound environment is noise free
  • The sound has a short lingering note
  • The lighting is non-blinding
  • The lighting is even
  • Cleaning products are not perfumed
  • The room is cleaned 5 per week
  • Wall-to-wall textile carpet are not available
Assistance dogs
  • Assistanshund
  • Guide dog, Service dog, Signal dog is/are allowed in the space
Walking area
  • Gångyta
  • Vändyta
  • Begränsad gångyta
  • A walking area is hardened, even, non-slippery
  • The walking area is 160cm wide
  • Space where it is possible to turn around is available
  • A walking area is hardened, even, non-slippery
  • The walking area is 160cm wide
  • Some parts have a limited walking area that is 76.5cm wide
Object that sticks out in walking area
  • Löst föremål
  • The protruding object has a free height of 31cm
  • Access to personal service is available
  • Hyllmärkning
  • Hyllmärkning
  • Hyllor
  • Consistently placed shelf marking is available
  • The smallest text size of shelf marking is 90mm
  • The lightness contrast of the shelf marking is 0.50NCS
  • The lowest shelf is placed 19cm from the ground
  • The highest shelf is placed 165cm from the ground
  • The passage by the check-out is 116cm wide
  • The check-out price is placed 127cm from the ground
  • The lightness contrast of price registered is 0.10NCS
  • Character size of registered price is 15mm
  • The height of the check-out is 97cm from the ground
Card reader fixed in place
  • Kortläsare
  • The distance from the floor to the uppermost button or the card reader’s highest point is 102cm
  • There is available a tactile point on the five on the keypad
  • The brightness contrast of the keypad is 0.10NCS
  • Possibility to pay with cash available