Havets Hus

Parking and footpath

Freestanding or lined up parking space for disabled
  • Handicap parking
  • The disabled parking space is marked by sign with symbol, ground symbol, square marking
  • The disabled parking space is 4,2m wide
  • The lengthways tilt of the disabled parking space is 2,8%
  • The surface of the disabled parking space is hardened, even
  • The disbaled parking space tilts 4,6% sideways
  • Lighting not available
  • The disabled parking space is 20,4m from the entrance
Footpath from parking space for disabled to entrance
  • No guidepath
  • Tactile trail is not available
  • The lightness contrast of the marked trail is 0NCS against its background
  • Walkway to entrance
  • The pedestrian path is 1,8m wide
  • The surface of the pedestrian path is hardened, even
  • The walking area tilts 4,5% sideways
  • Lighting is not available
  • Uncovered gutter is not available
  • The hard and smooth walking surface is 3m wide
The gateway
  • Open passage
  • The gateway is 188,8cm wide
  • Lightness contrast sides of gateway against surrounding surfaces is 0NCS