Havets Hus

Exhibition room (Skageraks kapare)

  • Open passage
  • The free width of the door opening is 110,6cm
  • The door frame has a lightness contrast of 0NCS against the surrounding wall
Indoor environment
  • Lamps and light
  • The sound environment is noisy
  • The sound has a short lingering note
  • The lighting is blinding
  • The lighting is uneven
  • Cleaning products are not perfumed
  • The room is cleaned 7 per week
  • Wall-to-wall textile carpet are not available
  • The evacuation alarm is audible
Assistance dogs
  • Guide dogs are allowed
  • Guide dog, Service dog, Signal dog is/are allowed in the space
Walking area
  • Walkspace
  • A walking area is hardened, even
  • The walking area is 99,8cm wide
  • Space where it is possible to turn around is not available
  • A walking area is hardened, even
  • The walking area is 134,2cm wide
Loose object in walking area
  • Objects in walkway
  • Loose object in pathway is available
Lighting of exhibits
  • Lamps and light in showcase
  • Items that are well lit available
  • There/It/That not available possibility to adjust the lighting
  • Passage by objects on show
  • The walking area is 99,1cm wide
  • 5% of the exhibition has audio information about the items and exhibits
  • Information in easy to read Swedish available
  • 100% of the exhibition or the exhibits that visitors are allowed to touch, or that are available as a touchable copy
Guided tours or demonstrations
  • Hearing aids
  • Audio equipment when guiding or showing on request
  • Language when showing or guiding available especially adapted to be simple and easy to understand
Audio description
  • Sight translation
  • Sight interpretation are available to order
  • Sight interpretation which is offered at regular, determined times are not available
  • Digital guide for sight interpretation are available
Sign language interpretation
  • Sign language
  • Sign interpretation which can be ordered is available
  • Sign interpretation is not available at regular, determined times
  • Digital guide is not available for sign interpretation
Sign on wall
  • Wallsign by showroom
  • The sign lighting is blinding
  • The lower edge of the sign is placed 11cm from the ground
  • The upper edge of the sign is placed 243cm from the ground
  • The brightness contrast of the sign is 0,68NCS against the background
  • The sign has neither relief nor braille
  • The size of capitals is 15mm