Havets Hus

Reception hall

Indoor environment
  • Lamps and light by reception
  • Runner in reception
  • The sound environment is noise free
  • The sound has a short lingering note
  • The lighting is blinding
  • The lighting is even
  • Means for screening off glaring daylight are not available
  • Cleaning products are not perfumed
  • The room is cleaned 7 per week
  • Wall-to-wall textile carpet are not available
  • The runner is thin, loose
  • The evacuation alarm is audible, visual
Assistance dogs
  • Guide dogs are allowed
  • Guide dog, Service dog, Signal dog is/are allowed in the space
Walking area
  • Walkspace in reception
  • A walking area is hardened, even
  • The walking area is 185,1cm wide
  • Space where it is possible to turn around is available
  • A walking area is hardened, even
  • The walking area is 237,2cm wide
Counter with fixed height
  • Receptiondesk
  • The height of the counter is 85cm
  • The length of the counter is 43,9cm
  • The depth of the legroom is 0cm
  • Well lit reception is available
  • The lightness contrast of the counter is 0,4NCS against the background
  • Aid equipment
  • Hearing aid equipment is available in the room or area
  • Regular controls of the functionality of the hearing equipment are available
  • Staff with knowledge of how to use the hearing equipment is available
  • Special aids or equipment are available
  • Staff that have knowledge regarding existing aids and equipment, and how they are used, is available
  • Video phone is not available
  • Rutines for interpreter are available
  • Seperate space/waiting area for interpreter is not available
  • Access to assistance is available
Card reader fixed in place
  • Credit card machine
  • The distance from the floor to the uppermost button or the card reader’s highest point is 89cm
  • There is available a tactile point on the five on the keypad
  • The brightness contrast of the keypad is 0,2NCS
  • Possibility to pay with cash available