Kristinagårdens dagcentral


Swing door
  • The door lock is one hold lock
  • The free width of the door opening is 85cm
  • The door surface has a lightness contrast of 0.00NCS against the door frame
  • The door frame has a lightness contrast of 0.00NCS against the surrounding wall
  • The lower edge of the marking is placed 0cm above the ground
  • The upper edge of the marking i placed 46cm above the ground
  • The colour of the marking is white
  • Bild på kilramp från dörr
  • The height of the threshold is 3cm
  • The height difference to the bevelling is 1cm
  • The door handle is placed 2cm from the nearest obstacle
  • Door closer is not available on the door
  • Bild på möbler på uteplats.
  • The height of the free space under the table is 71cm
  • The free space is 300m wide
  • The length of the space is 480m
  • The seating height of the seat is 40cm
  • There is backrest available on the seat
  • Armrest is available on the seat
  • Ashtray is available