Risöbadet Swimming Pool


  • Single door to the shower area

    The door to the shower area has a window on it. The threshold is high.

  • Swing Door

    Entrance to the changing rooms has a swing door with two parts. They have manual stop. They open manually and closes automatically.

  • Swing Door

    Doors and the walls have white paint on them.

  • Swing Door

    There is no contrast against door and wall.

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  • Swing door for the Interior

    Swing Door for the interior is the second swing door after the entrance to the changing rooms.

  • Changing Room

    It is a simple environment with seating places around and in the middle. Hooks are placed over the seats that makes them hard to reach.

  • Fluorescent light

    There are Fluorescent lightnings inside but the windows are providing sunlight too.

  • No Carpet

    There is no carpet in the changing room, it is only hard surface.

  • Free Floor Space

    It is tidy and with a hard surface.

  • Area to return

    There is enough plain space to turn or reverse into. Area is a square shaped room with seats at the edges and in the middle as an island.

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  • Single toilet inside changing room

    There is no threshold at the edge of the door. It has a toilet, sink, waste bin, toilet paper holder, soap. It is lightened by a single lamp and sunlight from window above.

  • Swing door to the changing room

    Swing door to the changing room

  • Door to the changing room

    It is a white door with black stripes on the opening side and at the bottom.

  • Door to the changing room

    It is a white door with black stripes that creates contrast against the wall.

  • Threshold

    It is a metal folded surface placed over the threshold.

  • Threshold Bevel

    Threshold Bevel is sharp and short.

  • Shower space

    There is chair to sit while showering, A baby sit to shower or place the babies. Benches and hooks are placed on one wall and other walls has shower.

  • Showers

    They are placed next to each other without a separator.

  • Grab Rail

    Grab rail is placed next to one shower only. It is a short, metal rail.