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Images and data are registered directly in the system and the different places that have been included in the inventory can be GIS-positioned in the system and information can be extracted via a map. An inventory takes place on tablet computers (an off-line version is available) and access to the system is granted following approved training. A film and audio recording can be made for visitors if they wish.


Roles and authority
There are three roles in TD: Inventory Processor, Area Administrator and Agreeement Administrator.
The Inventory Processor can carry out a complete inventory.
The Area Administrator has the same authority as the Inventory Processor and is also charged with the task of creating an establishment, removing an establishment, linking the forms and relating, approving, producing and publishing a report for an individual establishment. 
The Agreement Administrator has the same authority as the Area Administrator but also grants authorisation and categorises establishments.

An Agreement Administrator and/or an Area Administrator must be appointed for each contracting party. TD provides support to the appointed Agreement Administrators (Note: TD is unable to provide support to individual Inventory Processors. This support is provided by the Agreement Administrator).


Training is necessary in order to use the new system. Inventory Processor – one day Area Administrator and Agreement Administrator – two days On completion of training, a web-based test is taken, after which TD login details and a password are allocated.


Necessary equipment:

  • Tablet computer with an Internet connection
  • Measuring tape
  • Digital camera
  • Angle-measuring instrument
  • Light meter
Updated: 2018-10-15 16:14