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Connect to TD

Joining TD

The sites and municipalities presented in the TD have either carried out the inventories themselves or hired an external surveyor.

Cooperation agreement 

A cooperation agreement is concluded with Region Västra Götaland and the contracting party then administers its own part of the Accessibility Database and surveys what it wants within its agreement. To use TD, each contracting party pays an annual license fee based on the number of inhabitants. Individual private actors or self-employed persons cannot conclude cooperation agreements. The activities that Region Västra Götaland owns, finances or has agreements with are inventoried internally. 

Annual TD meetings

TD conducts annual administrator meetings that we would like to see all contracting parties come to for exchange of experience, comments to us and updates on what is happening with TD.

Training and education

Training is mandatory to access and work in TD. 

Form for inventory

The inventory is done using inventory forms with the possibility to insert extra parts found in an installation. Forms are adapted for a number of different environments and facilities. From theater, park and health center. A contracting party has access to the forms that are available.
For questions about connecting or further information about TD, please contact:

Håkan Martinsson, Head of Unit

Josefine Johansson, Development Leader

Updated: 2023-08-16 20:48