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Collaboration agreement
A collaboration agreement is entered into with TD, Västra Götaland Region, and the contracting party then administers its own section in TD and makes an inventory of what it wants to include in its agreement. Use of TD is subject to an annual fee, payable to the Västra Götaland Region. The fee is based on the number of inhabitants. There is no connection charge.

Annual TD meetings
TD runs annual meetings for administrators and inventory processors which we would like to see attended by all contracting parties in order to exchange experience and views and to provide an update on what is happening with TD.

Forms and reports
The agreement provides access to all forms and updates as required by law and the opportunity to include as many establishments in the agreement as required. There are also follow-up reports and scores for achieved accessibility, activity lists and reports for each establishment. Flexible forms with an opportunity to include extra parts as encountered can also be included along with a number of rules, regulations and laws, conventions, standards, agreements etc. (currently included are the TD rules and regulations, the Västra Götaland Region's easily addressed obstacles and the commencement of broadening of human rights). Several languages have been incorporated, alongside GIS-positioning on different detail levels and room numbers and property designations. TD is part of the regular Västra Götaland Region operations and has its own unit, the TD Strategy Unit.

Excel reports
In the new version, TD can extract all data that is included in an inventory and present it an Excel report that can be used as a knowledge base with regard to current laws and regulations, as an activity list – to easily address obstacles for example – and as follow-up for persons responsible for accessibility within a local authority.

Training is compulsory in order to access and work in the system. An Agreement Administrator and/or an Area Administrator must be appointed for each contracting party. TD provides support to the appointed Agreement Administrators (NOTE: TD is unable to provide support to individual inventory processors. This support is provided by the Agreement Administrator).

Contact Åsa Kågeson, +46(0)70-88 44 154,

Updated: 2018-10-15 16:14